Corporate Governance & Risk Management Services

Corporate governance is essential for running businesses smoothly, safe in the knowledge that internal controls are strong, ensuring stakeholder accountability and complying with regulatory frameworks.

Our sophisticated risk management tools and methodologies have led significant enhancement in performance of companies where we are associated with. We help companies solve unforeseen problem, improve their enterprise wide processes, lower their operational costs, reduce enterprise risk thereby providing companies a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our services include:

  1. Internal Audit
    Strategic internal audit framework integrates compliance, controls and sophisticated risk management with organizations’ objective and stakeholder expectations. It can help organizations increase effectiveness, eliminate duplication and identify potential improvement.
  2. Management Audit
  3. Specific Risk Audit
    Study on specific risks a company is exposed to and policies and procedures adopted to mitigate the risks such as foreign exchange or technology obsolescence.
  4. System, Control and Process Review
    Review of controls and risks in a specific process.
  5. Regulatory Compliance Review
    A comprehensive study of compliance audit with all the relevant regulatory requirements such as labor laws, tax laws, corporate laws, environmental laws, etc.
  6. Corporate Governance Review
    Review of the existing corporate governance structure, role of the board and its committees and the systems and processes in place to ensure regulatory discipline within an entity
  7. Enterprise Risk Management Services
    Providing guidance to management on the execution of a cross functional, data-driven approach to risk management and providing audit services to evaluate existing enterprise risk management programs against global best practices
  8. Operations Advisory Services
    To improve the overall performance of an organization and maximize profitability, we can offer valuable insights into business process improvement and re-engineering, operational streamlining and cost reduction, and how to implement best practice initiatives