Firm Background

JOHAN MALONDA MUSTIKA & REKAN (JM), formerly Drs Johan, Malonda & Rekan, was established in 1975 as an Audit and Accounting Firm by a group of well-experienced and highly educated professionals who all have extensive experience in their respective fields. The Firm has grown rapidly since 1975 and a considerable number of companies from various industries have been added to its clientele. This growth is evidenced by the number of offices maintained by the Firm in commercial and industrial cities of Indonesia. The Firm currently has offices in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Denpasar.

JM also established Management Development International (MDI) to cater the increasing training needs of the Indonesian business community. MDI, an affiliate of VideoArts, BBC and TACK Training International from London, UK, offers public and company in-house training courses in management and professional development. An alliance with PT Maas Consulting and PT Aegis Maas Consult was established to cover other specialized management consulting needs and tax advisory service.

Since 2002, JM is also strategically allied with PT Aegis Finansia Solusi in providing comprehensive corporate finance services to the clients, and therefore with Baker Tilly International Corporate Finance.

In September 2004, in order to cater a much wider scope of clients, JM established a new office in Denpasar, Bali.

JM's group of companies, consisting of around 300+ professionals, has enabled it to respond effectively to the needs of its various clients. JM’s professional staff include audit specialists, financial management specialists, training and education specialists, systems experts, institutional and personnel management specialists, management advisory and tax specialists. The range of its expertise covers auditing, project management, financial administration, institutional development and training.



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