Firm Continuing Professional Education Program

The Firm believes that the key to growth and success of any professional organization is the ability of its people to serve clients with competence and enthusiasm. Hence, JM is always concerned about the continuing education of its professional staff.

In response to this concern, the Firm has created the JM Professional Development Program (JM PDP) which caters and monitors the continuing education needs of its people for them to excel in this complex and changing business environment. It has put together a comprehensive formal training package that spans a staff’s entire professional career with the Firm. The training programs include accounting and auditing, finance, management, taxation, and personal skills. To develop and maintain the JM PDP, the Firm has made extensive commitment of its resources, that is, people, money, and facilities. The Firm also has a policy that requires all staff members to earn a certain number of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) units which can be obtained through attending the courses of JM PDP and other format courses given by reputable educational institutions.

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